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Bury Locality Plan 2016-2021

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 Bury Locality Plan ‘Bolder, Braver Bury – Towards GM Devolution’ 2016 - 2021


Executive Summary - Bury Locality Plan ‘Bolder, Braver Bury – Towards GM Devolution’ 2016 - 2021


Taking Charge of Our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester


Bury’s Locality Plan recognises the need to promote the prevention agenda, getting people to take more ownership for their own health and wellbeing. As well as requiring a behaviour change from people, providers will be required by commissioners to change what they deliver and the ways in which they deliver it. Reviews of existing services will have to demonstrate whether they are still relevant, new ways of working will be developed and providers too will be required to sell this message of change to both their staff and the people they serve. As well as an organisational cultural shift and acceptance of change by staff, there is a need for investment in training and skills development in order to meet these objectives.


Our approach is a simple one (See Appendix 3 for a graphical representation) - in order to achieve a narrowing of the potential financial gap at the same time as delivering consistent or improved outcomes for our population, there will be four key themes to our work locally:


1. Redesigning & Improving Services: Our intention is to maximise the use of the Bury pound to support the citizens of Bury to live longer, happier lives, ensuring that everything we do is fit for purpose and as efficient and effective as it can be. We will quickly develop and upscale a number of services/projects in order to save money and to create an investment fund for our longer term work, whilst maintaining or improving outcomes for the people of Bury. We will also be changing the way we commission services and from whom. Health and Social Care will work together as if one commissioning body with aligned commissioning intentions, a significant pooled budget and shared back office functions.


2. Moving Services Closer to the Community: Here we will start to move services out of acute settings and into appropriate community ones. Some of this will require investment / pump-priming.


3. Investing in Early Intervention & Prevention: We will invest in evidence led interventions which will be designed to reduce the prevalence and severity of health conditions over the short, medium and longer term.


4. Enabling People to Self Care: Here we will work to engage people in being part of the solution and ensuring they take a significant and active part in living longer and more healthily.


This can be represented diagrammatically as shown over the page, including how these link to the Greater Manchester thematic work and our local vision.

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